Wedding Pen

Beech wood ballpoint Pen.

Not available

We have put the categories of "Names of the couple", "date" and "witness name". In case you do not want any of these texts, simply do not fill in this box, or if you want something else, put the text that you want (not too long).

The perfect gift for your wedding witnesses (we have also left you a totally free printable so you can print it).

And it can also be a self-gift for you: what better than custom pens with your names for such a special day? You will start the wedding by touching wood, which always brings luck, they will look great in the photos and it is a very practical memory that will remain of your day!

Product description:

Stylish design ballpoint pen made from beech wood with FSC certificate. 

It has a metal clip with a conical shape and a wooden button. The metal parts are Nickel-plated. Blue ink.

It is a very light ballpoint pen and pleasant to the touch, since the finish is waxed.

Dimensions: Diameter 10mm, 140mm long.

Weight: 10g.

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