Hazel wood ball Pen.


In case you don’t write anything in the box, we will send you the pen without personalizing.

For writting naturally. From the forest to your desk!

Product description:

Ballpoint pen entirely handmade from hazelnut branches collected by us. It is perfect both for writing and decorating any corner of your home.

Medium stroke thickness, available in blue and black. The exterior of the ballpoint is made of polyethylene.

It is a very light pen and is also pleasant to the touch, since the finish is in natural wood. It is rechargeable; you can easily change the mine simply by pulling hard on it.

Keep in mind that the pen you receive at home may be slightly different from the images displayed, because in nature there are no 2 equal branches.

Dimensions: Diameter between 8 and 12mm, 140mm long.

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