Girona Notebook M

Notebook with GIRONA design laser engraved.


If you write something in the box above, we will hand-engrave it. If you want your notebook as is, do not write anything.

For all Girona lovers we bring you this notebook with a design of the most famous views of the city: the views from Pont de Pedra. You can see el Pont de les Peixeteres Velles, the Cathedral and the houses on the Onyar river.

Product description:

The original design was hand-engraved, and from this we took the image to reproduce it by laser.

The most natural notebook with poplar wood covers. Comes with 40 sheets of unbleached paper. The sheets can be changed without problems in stationery, since the spiral is bound.

On the back it has our laser engraved logo.

The finish is in natural wood.

Keep in mind that the notebook you receive at home may be slightly different from the images displayed, because wood is a natural material and that makes the engraving vary.

Dimensions: 18 x 12,5cm.