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Personalized round necklace

100% CUSTOMIZED to your liking.

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An special necklace, 100% customized to your liking. With a drawing, with a phrase, with a word, with a name, with a special date, with initials, in short: Whatever you want!

How to customize your necklace:

1. Fill in the form below

  • Email: we need it to be able to associate your personalization form with your order. Also, if we have any questions about your design explanation, we will contact you by email.
  • Tell us how you want your necklace: Tell us what you want and we will make it to you (examples: "A dancer and the name Marta", "Be yourself and an infinite underneath", "a capital letter A", etc.).
  • Upload your photo or design: Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words, so if it's difficult for you to explain with words how you want your necklace and it's easier to send us a sketch or a sample image so that we can copy, here you can do it. This section is optional, if with the words it's already clear you don't need to attach any image.
  • Send: Click the send button and you will see a message saying that we have received your form correctly.

2. Buy 

VERY IMPORTANT! Once you have sent us the personalization form you must make your purchase and follow the steps that will appear.

Product description:

Woodburned holm-oak necklace entirely handmade. It is very light and pleasant to the touch, since the finish is in natural wood. So you can touch wood anywhere!

The string is made of Korean waxed thread, 1mm thick. And you have a lot of colors to choose from! Size is adjustable to fit all thanks to the system of sliding knots. 

The shape and size of the slice may vary, because in nature there are no 2 equal branches.

Dimensions: Diameter between 22 and 30mm, width 5mm.

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