Tattooed Heart love keychain

Couple keychain with TATTOOED HEART design.


Write the names on the boxes and we will make you a keychain with the same drawing as the image, personalized.

Love is in the air... Surprise your partner with the most romantic keychain.

Product description:

Woodburned holm-oak keychain made entirely by hand. It is perfect for your home or car keys; it is very light and pleasant to the touch, since the finish is in natural wood. So you can touch wood anywhere!

Keep in mind that the keychain that you receive at home may be slightly different from the images displayed, since both the name and the drawing are pyrographed by hand one by one, so each keychain is unique. Also the shape and size of the slice may vary, because in nature there are no 2 equal branches.

It only includes one unit. If you want two you must select it, in that case we would make the same design but changing the order of the names.

Dimensions: Diameter between 28 and 35mm, width 7mm.

Weight: 15g.

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