Hair Brush

Wooden hair brush with metal spikes.

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1. Write your name in the personalization box. In case you don’t write anything in the box, we will send you the brush without name.

2. Choose the design in the drop-down. *You can see examples of the designs by clicking here.

Product description:

Nature is beauty.

Hair brush made from paulownia wood with metal spikes.

We customized it with your name and a design. It’s a unique and exclusive brush, which in addition to comb your hair, will be great to decorate your bathroom.

The finish is in natural wood.

Keep in mind that the brush you receive at home may be slightly different from the images displayed since both, the name and the design, are hand-pyrographed, which makes each one unique and different. Also the veins and waters of the wood can vary, because the wood is a natural material.

Dimensions: 22,5 x 4,5cm.

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