Little Log Bracelet

Little log bracelet custom with the name.


Write your name in the box to personalize your bracelet. If you prefer the bracelet without personalizing (the uncut piece of branch), add it to the cart directly and don’t write any text in the customization box. 

From the forest to your wrist! 

Product description: 

Holm-oak bracelet elaborated in a a totally handmade way. It is very light and pleasant to the touch, since the finish is in natural wood. So you can always touch wood! 

The string is made of Korean waxed thread, 1mm thick. And you have a lot of colors to choose from! 

Size is adjustable to fit all thanks to the system of sliding knots. 

Perfect for any person and age. 

This bracelet is the essence of our company, an oak branch in which we cut to engrave your name. It is the synthesis of our work. It was one of the first products that we created (more than 20 years ago) and it is still more or more updated than the first day. 

Keep in mind that the bracelet you receive at home may be slightly different from the images displayed, because in nature there are no 2 equal branches. 

Dimensions (wooden piece): Diameter between 5 and 8mm, between 15 and 20mm long. 

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