It's a pleasure to work with such an ancestral raw material.
Wood accompanies humanity from the beginning and still continues with us in the 21st century. We all love to TOUCH WOOD and the trees are an inexhaustible source of INSPIRATION. Even the smallest branches contain large amounts of PASSION for WOOD.

Everything begins in the forest with the choice of material, often it is the waste of felling or pruning, and then it is grouped by sizes and... Let’s go home.
The wood in the beams dries up slowly, for a minimum of six months and... It’s time to go to the workshop.
Now it's up to choosing, sawing, boring, mitering, brushing, peeling, gluing, assembling, sewing, woodburn and also... to reject defects, classify, sweep, do paperwork, plan, imagine other pieces not yet made, and which maybe never will be made... and finally customize and put the products in the hands of the costumers.



My name is Fernando Almirante. 25 years ago I launched an adventure which started with a trip. And then another. And another. The forest had trapped us and we decided to stay and live in it with our children and everything! Far. In the deep Catalunya.

One change brings another and my previous experience as a carpenter joined the discovery of a new and sustainable work material. In the new environment, the basic source of energy in winter was firewood. Immediately, a considerable amount of waste in the form of small twigs was stored in the lower part of the farmhouse, next to the workshop I had assembled to restore the house. So, almost inevitably, the first little log bracelet was born. Afterwards, everything became complicated... wonderfully.

Being an artisan is a job but also a commitment, a beautiful way of living. For what is done and for how it is done. Through craftwork I can transmit the best of me. The costumers knows it and values ​​it and they allow me to live on it. I thank you sincerely.

I love the forest where I lived so long and the trees that offer his branches as raw material. I also love the street. I love La Rambla de Barcelona. There you can find me physically.



And I am Lorena Almirante, one of the girls who stayed to live in the forest. I entered the world of handicrafts by immersion, without hardly realizing or being too aware of it. Since I was little I enjoyed accompanying my father to the craftfairs (when they let me). As a teenager, I earned my first allowance by helping out in the workshop during the summer.

Later I decided to study Technical Architecture, although I kept working in Girona on the weekend. I finished my studies. At that time I was supposed to leave the family business and dedicate myself to my profession. Everything told me that this was the right path, the one I should take. Everything except my heart. My father created tocafusta, but I was practically born with her. It is part of me, of my personality, of who I am, of how I see and live life. And I decided to risk. I decided to stay.

During this time my bet has been to try to achieve a greater presence of tocafusta on the internet, sharing content almost daily through our social networks. We have our Instagram and Facebook family, and very recently we have started our Youtube channel tocafusta TV!

You can find me in my second home, which is el Pont de Pedra in Girona and sometimes I also participate in craftfairs in Barcelona.


Welcome to our website TOCAFUSTA (TOUCHWOOD). Our little place in this very long street that is internet. We hope you find it useful.